Another Way to Improve Safety

CCG produces extruded round and diamond-shaped mono-filaments, also called rods, and multi-filaments, which are groups of mono-filaments, to fill space inside cables or to separate insulated wires.

Multi-filaments are also used to strengthen cable or to provide a rip cord for the jacket. Yarn fillers are generally used when cable flexibility is required.

Our mono-filaments and multi-filaments provide enhanced fire and smoke safety performance, improved electrical performance, stronger chemical resistance and other desired properties.

FluoroSpun® fluoropolymer continuous multi-filament yarns are available in textured, flat or entangled form and can be custom-blended in various fluoropolymer/aramid constructions. They are designed to meet stringent fire safety requirements.

Mono-Filaments and Diamonds


  • Fluoropolymers (FEP, MFA, PFA, PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE)
  • FluoroFoam® fluoropolymers
  • Fire-retardant polyolefins (LSHF, FRPE)


  • Diameter and dimensional ranges available upon request



  • Fluoropolymers (FEP, MFA, PFA, PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE)
  • Other engineered materials (PEEK, PPS, PPSU, PEKK, PES)
  • Hybrid constructions using more than one type of fiber material (e.g., fluoropolymer/aramid)


CCG creates yarns in a variety of deniers and finished diameters.

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