Designed for Thin-Wall Insulation

Wire & cable insulation from CCG is available using a variety of materials, including FluoroFoam®, which enhances electrical performance, improves fire safety and extends material usage.

FluoroFoam®, our flagship chemically foamable compound, was developed to insulate Category 5e, 6, 6e, 6A and 8 plenum cables, low-capacitance cables and coaxial cables.

FluoroFoam® UL-recognized plenum cable insulation (QMTM2) is especially suited for thin-wall insulation of 0.005″ (0.127 mm) to 0.015″ (0.381 mm). Thin-wall insulation previously was produced from solid FEP, but FluoroFoam®’s unique properties allow our customers to foam fluoropolymers in situations where it could not have been foamed in the past.

For insulation with a thickness of 0.015″ (0.381mm) to 0.060″ (15.24mm), foaming rates of 55% or even higher can be achieved. Typical cell size of the foam on average is less than 0.001″ (0.025mm) and cell size is uniform. Tube extrusion or pressure extrusion may be used for applications where speed is less critical, such as production of coaxial cable.

FluoroFoam® foaming technology received U.S. Patent No. 7,968,613 and European Patent No. EP 2176326 B1 DE FR GB IT, both for use with PFA, MFA and FEP. Additional versions have been developed with the same chemically foamable characteristics using ETFE, and a version using PVDF is under development.

FluoroFoam® is RoHS compliant and is made from recycled materials. Given the variability of recycled fluoropolymers, it can be processed in a wide range of melt indexes.

Fluoro-Alloy FEP™, which will be available soon, enhances the performance of FEP with a lower dielectric constant, a higher yield strength, increased tensile strength, better crush resistance and a lower specific gravity.


  • FluoroFoam FEP, MFA or PFA
  • Fluoro-Alloy FEP™ or PVDF
  • Therm=Guard LSPVC