Safer, Lighter Fiber Tubes and Fillers

CCG tubes and fillers provide the same performance benefits for fiber that they provide for cable. CCG specializes in high-performance applications, providing components that are low-smoke and fire-retardant. They are lightweight, using less material, and have exceptional dielectric properties.



CCG produces fiber-optic cable fillers, signal-carrying components (buffered fiber or loose-tube fiber), blown fiber, and single or multi-layer furcation tubes, all of which are designed to enhance the performance of fiber-optic cable.

Our custom extruded products are sold only to fiber cable manufacturers and installers. They can be private labeled, but CCG does not manufacture fiber cable components for direct resale to distribution or OEM markets.

CCG produces multi-mode fiber, UL-recognized cable types for plenum (OFNP) and riser (OFNR) rated styles. Our expanded capabilities for fiber-optic cable applications include:

  • Dual-layer tubes
  • FluoroSpun® bedding and filler yarns, which are ideal for use as ripcords or fire retardant bedding materials in premise optical fiber cables requiring a plenum rating
  • Hybrid fiber-copper designs for multi-media applications