FluoroSpun® Yarns Offer Advantages Over PTFE

FluoroSpun® yarns offer distinct advantages over standard PTFE. They are more melt bondable, more hydrophobic and easier to run, as they can be put through a carding machine. They can also be crimped.

FluoroSpun® yarns can be used to produce textiles, for filtration media or in any other applications where PTFE is used. Meltspun yarns are also used inside cable to fill space, act as a strength member or as a rip cord for the jacket. Yarn fillers are generally used when cable flexibility is required.

FluoroSpun® yarns can support continuous operating temperatures as high as 300° C (572° F) and can be used alone or in combination with other materials to form fabrics, nonwovens, composites or other fabricated parts.

CCG has developed FluoroSpun® fluoropolymer yarn products to meet stringent fire safety requirements.  These products are continuous multi-filament yarns (textured, flat or entangled) and can be custom-blended in various hybrid constructions with more than one type of fiber material, such as fluoropolymer/aramid constructions.


  • Fluoropolymers, including FEP, MFA, PFA, PVDF, ECTFE and ETFE
  • Other engineered materials, including PEEK, PSU, PPSU, PES and PPS


We have the ability to draw down fine fibers to create yarns in various deniers and finished diameters. Please contact us to inquire about sizes and applications.