Filtration Media for the Toughest Environments

Filtration media from CCG is corrosion resistant, flame retardant and hydrophobic, and can be used in processes where operating temperatures are continuously high.

CCG’s FluoroSpun® yarns, staple fibers and nonwoven products are uniquely engineered for applications in the medical, high-temperature filtration, air quality, gasket and composite industry segments. Examples include polymer fibers and nonwoven fabrics suitable for use as filtration media, membrane support or drainage layers, and air bags used in the most challenging high-temperature liquid and gaseous environments.

FluoroSpun® fibers or nonwovens are available for proprietary media development where filter media needs to perform in strong solvents, highly acidic and caustic fluids and gasses, and in a wide range of high-temperature environments.

To create media that can perform in such harsh environments, CCG extrudes continuous filament from fluoropolymers and other engineered materials. Yarn can be crimped and chopped to various lengths to produce many types of staple fibers. In addition, the fiber can be carded and needle-punched to produce nonwoven veils and felts.

Forms available include:

  • Continuous multi-filament yarns (textured, flat or entangled)
  • Custom-blended yarns, such as those using Kevlar® with a fluoropolymer
  • Staple fibers (straight or crimped)


  • Fluoropolymers, including FEP, PFA, MFA, PVDF, ETFE and ECTFE
  • Other engineered materials, including PEEK, PSU, PPSU, PES and PPS

Denier vs. Diameter chart

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Typical sizes include a chopped length of 0.24″ (6 mm), 1.30″ (33 mm), 2.09″ (53 mm), 2.76″ (70 mm), 3.46″ (88 mm), 5.12″ (130 mm) or 3.6″ (91.44 mm). Please contact us to inquire about other sizes, which are available upon request.