Specialty Compounding for High Performance Applications

CCG produces compounds with higher thermal stability (e.g., 200° C), lower heat transfer and overall physical properties to withstand thermal cycling that can occur with Power over Ethernet (PoE) in applications such as LED lighting.

To support the growth of these foamable polymers, CCG has added new compounding equipment to vertically integrate the company from compounding through extrusion.

Our $3 million capital investment in Buss Kneader and twin-screw compounding lines reflects a commitment to compounding focused on balancing properties that arise from the evolving need for more thermally stable materials for Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Lightweighting plastics by chemically foaming polymers produces compounds that are especially suited to the needs of the aerospace and automotive industries.

Halgone Lite®

Lower-Cost High-Performance Compounds Without Halogens

Halgone Lite® foamable non-halogen engineering resins provide reduced costs with minimal reduction in the resins’ inherent physical properties.

By foaming these materials, we can retain their unique temperature and chemical resistance, while also increasing desired electrical properties and reducing flame propagation. CCG currently offers chemically foamable solutions for PEEK, PSU, PPSU, PES and PPS, and others will be introduced in the near future.

Given the increasing demand for non-halogenated polyolefin compounds for high-temperature applications, CCG is also developing halogen-free and acid-free green products for wire & cable applications.

Our innovative technical team is developing new compounds on an ongoing basis, so contact us and let us know your specific needs.