Wiring a Giga World

“Cables and wires are the backbone of the modern information age, providing individuals with power, light and communication.”

Ibis World

Ironically, the evolving use of wireless applications is driving demand and innovation in the wire & cable industry.

What’s wireless is the short distance between the nearest wireless access point and your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. The wire leading to the wireless access point must have outstanding dielectric properties and the ability to handle intense heat.

Until recently, the power going through office-building cables was measured in megabytes. Today, we live in a gigabyte world. With increasing demand for data, development of cloud storage systems and other advances, components used in wire & cable for Category 6e must be able to handle a gigabyte of data transmission efficiently. Even those standards will soon be outdated, as demand for power on Wall Street and in other data-intensive locations can be as high as 10 gigabytes.

Cable used for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications carries not only power, but electric current. Demands for electric current capacity are also increasing to as high as 0.5 amps and even approaching 1 amp. FluoroFoam® is the only material we know of that can handle that much current.

CCG is leading the way in developing compounds and components that can meet that demand, but we are also applying our engineering expertise to other markets. CCG’s current and evolving products are used in the following markets.

Wire & Cable Fiber Optic Multi-Fibers and Yarns
DataComm Medical Wire & Cable
Electronic/Coax Military Industrial Filtration
Energy GEM – Government, Education and Municipal Clean (Green) Energy
Other Industries


CCG makes high performance components and filaments for these product types:

DataComm Electronic Industrial Filtration
6, 6A LAN Cable and Patch Cord High End Audio/Visual Control Cables Specialty Textile
CATV/CTV Coax HDMI Cable Flexible Cable HVAC
Hybrid and Bundled Cable Computer/Interconnect Circuit Integrity High Performance Environmental
Cellular Automation