Lighter. Faster. Safer. More Efficient.

These are all features that compounds and components from Cable Components Group, LLC (CCG) bring to cable, optical fiber, filtration media and other products where high-performance is needed.

Long known for our extruded products — including crosswebs, tapes, tubes, rods, fillers, insulation and jacketing — CCG engineers are also applying their decades of industry experience toward development of fluoropolymer-based compounds that have better dielectric constants, enhanced thermal stability and higher temperature ratings.

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CCG holds 26 patents and five registered trademarks. Its products are UL recognized and RoHS compliant, and have passed rigorous testing, such as the NFPA 262 Steiner Tunnel test. CCG compounds and components for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over LAN applications meet the latest National Electric Code® standards, while providing enhanced thermal stability and fire retardancy.


Foamable Extruded Profiles:

Cable Component Products
New Products:

Jacketing That Meets PoE Standards
To meet today’s PoE requirements, every component of your wire & cable needs to be considered, including the jacketing. CCG recently added the following Therm=Guard jacketing compounds to its UL recognition file QMTM2… Read More

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Better Performing, Stronger Products

FluoroChar® — FluoroChar® is an innovative fluoropolymer jacketing compound that yields significantly lower smoke generation when subjected to the stringent NFPA 262 Steiner Tunnel test … Read More.

Category 6LAN Polyolefins — CCG is developing environmentally friendly halogen-free and acid-free materials to meet the increasing demand for non-halogenated polyolefin for high-temperature applications … Read More.