About CCG

Cable Components Group LLC (CCG) is a 17 year old manufacturer of high performance plastic extruded products for the wire and cable, fiber optic, industrial non-woven and textile, and industrial tubing markets.

CCG runs 29 high temperature and specialized extrusion lines to focus on producing components that provide enhanced fire and smoke safety performance, electrical performance, chemical resistance, among other properties. Materials used are primarily fluoropolymers (FEP, MFA, PFA, ECTFE, ETFE, and PVDF). The company also offers fire retardant polyolefins (LS0H, FRPE) and other high performance materials (PEEK, PSU, PPSU, PES, and PPS).

During 2009, the company introduced FluoroFoam® thermally foamable fluoropolymer compounds; FluoroSpun® fluoropolymer staple fibers, yarns, and fabric.

For data and electronics wire and cable producers, CCG supplies proprietary and standard crosswebs, tapes, and other separators and fillers that are specified for Category 6, 6e and 6a LAN cable designs to meet stringent Plenum and Riser Test requirements for fire retardancy, low smoke generation, and electrical performance.

For industrial and electronic cable producers, CCG offers fillers and separators including rods, tubes, tapes, fibrillated tapes, monofilaments and fibers, and yarns. All products can be made with solid materials or with CCG's FluoroFoam® or FluoroSpun® materials.

For fiber optic cable producers, CCG offers blown fiber and furcation tubing, splitter kits, and can engage in the private branding of buffered optical fiber and fiber optic cable components. CCG's newest products include fluoropolymer and hybrid yarns ideal for use as ripcords or fire retardant bedding materials in premise optical fiber cables requiring a plenum rating.

For other industrial markets, CCG now offers standard and co-extruded multi-wall tubes as well as various types of FluoroSpun® yarns, fibers, and fabrics that provide extraordinary chemical resistance, thermal stability, and hydrophobic properties for end use applications in the filtration, HVAC, air purification, gasket, fluid handling, and other markets.

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A Message From -
Charles Glew, President

Celebrating our 17th Year of operation, we established Cable Components Group to design and produce proprietary crosswebs and filler components for manufacturers of data cables, in particular, those made from high performance fluoropolymer materials for Category 6, 6e, and 6A applications.  Many of these products are patented and remain part of our core component manufacturing competency.

We have doubled our space by moving into a new facility in 2009 in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, and now serve the wire and cable, fiber optic, and industrial markets.

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