Taking the Heat, Providing the Power for PoE Jacketing

With the evolution of Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards, the performance of wire & cable jacketing is as important to the performance as any other component.

Your jacketing should no longer be the weak link in your wire’s performance. It must be able to take the heat produced by PoE applications, prevent alien crosstalk between cables, and offer superior safety and electrical performance.

Toward those ends, CCG jacketing materials that meet the National Electrical Code PoE standards, including the standard for limited power (LP), include these new jacketing materials:

  • 200° C-rated FluoroFoam® FEP or 235° C-rated MFA jacket with FluoroFoam® insulation for 0.5 to 1.0 AMP PoE
  • 150° C-rated PVDF limited-combustible FluoroChar® jacket with FluoroFoam®insulation
  • Therm=Guard™ CC211–5401 90° C-rated low-smoke PVC jacket with FluoroFoam® insulation that is AOM free
  • Therm=Guard™ CC211–0758 75° C-rated low-smoke PVC jacket with FluoroFoam® insulation

All of these new materials are compounded by CCG in an effort to provide our customers with innovative, temperature-rated, fire retardant and foamable materials.

Fluoro-Alloy FEP™, which will be available soon, enhances the performance of FEP with a lower dielectric constant, a higher yield strength, increased tensile strength, better crush resistance and a lower specific gravity.


  • FluoroFoam® FEP, MFA or PFA
  • Fluoro-Alloy FEP™, PVDF, MFA or PFA
  • FluoroChar® PVDF
  • PVC with FluoroFoam® insulation