High Performance in High Temperatures

CCG produces both blown fiber tubes and furcation tubes for a broad range of applications, ranging from housing for data-carrying fiber in office buildings to military uses where high performance is essential.

Blown Fiber Tubes

CCG extrudes single-layer and dual-layer tubes that are used in riser, plenum, military and other applications. The tubes are blown through the length of the fiber to serve as housing for data-carrying fiber optic components.

New tubing produced with high-temperature and engineering materials is used not only for optical fiber, but for wire & cable, industrial and fluid-handling applications.


  • Fluoropolymers (FEP, MFA, PFA, PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE) for plenum applications
  • FRPP and FRPE for riser applications
  • Non-halogen resins, ranging from LSOH to PEEK, for military applications
  • PP, PE, PVC
  • Co-extruded dual layers

Sizes and Other Options

  • Continuous or cut lengths
  • 900 microns to 1″
  • Printing available
  • Bundling and taping
  • Jacketed bundles

Furcation Tubes

CCG is experienced with various constructions, including:

Inner Tube/Outer Tube. Various sizes manufactured at low temperatures using polypropylene or polyolefin, or at high temperatures using fluoropolymers or other high-temperature engineered resins.

Buffer Yarn. Using materials ranging from traditional Kevlar® to CCG’s FluoroSpun® yarns.

Buffer/Loose Tube Extrusion. CCG also has the ability to extrude either buffer tubes or loose tubes over optical fiber to meet customer specifications and produce finished cable.

Materials and Sizes

Please contact us for additional information about sizes and materials that are available.