FluoroSpun® Fibers for Challenging Applications

FluoroSpun® fibers, which are made from fluoropolymer and other high-performance polymer fibers, are ideal for challenging liquid filtration applications.

CCG fibers are available crimped or flat. Flat fibers can be used for weaving, braiding, paper-making and other processes where low sheet thickness, bulk density or both are advantageous. Crimped fibers are suitable for use in carding, needle punching and other processes where higher void volume is required. Other applications include:

  • Pollution Control Equipment – Fluoropolymer fibers are constructed of composite materials to prolong product life where high temperatures, aggressive chemicals and erosive particulate flow can wreak havoc.
  • HVAC – The natural electrostatic charges produced by fluoropolymer fibers make them suitable for use in HVAC and process filtration media for removal of small particulates.
  • Composites – Fluoropolymer fibers and nonwovens from CCG are found in a myriad of composite structures as surfacing veils where unique hydrophobic properties significantly improve product life in challenging environments. For example, they are used as structural fibers in spiral-wound composites, and as chopped fibers for use in bulk-molding compounds (BMC) and sheet-molding compounds (SMC).
  • Matrix Fibers – Continuous filament CCG fibers are often used in spiral-wound composite structures as an alternative to film, because they provide significant hoop strength.


  • Fluoropolymers, including FEP, MFA, PFA, PVDF, ECTFE and ETFE
  • Other engineered materials, including PEEK, PSU, PPSU, PES and PPS


CCG fibers are available in continuous lengths or as staple fibers in lengths from 0.12″ (3 mm) to 5.12″ (130 mm). Please contact us to inquire about other sizes and applications.