Extrusion Experts

At CCG, we have expertise in extruding components in a wide range of sizes using advanced, high-performance materials. Our extruded products are used in wire & cable, optical fiber and filtration applications.

Wire & Cable

For the wire & cable industry, our products include separators, tubes, rods, insulation and jacketing. Our separators are available in a variety of shapes and range from tapes to crosswebs, which come in plus-sign, star-shape, flap-top, asymmetric flap-top, air space and other designs.

Our tubes include single- and dual-layer tubing that can be used in high-temperature applications. We offer both mono-filament and multi-filament rods that provide enhanced fire and smoke safety performance, improved electrical performance, stronger chemical resistance and other desired properties.

The latest Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications require insulation and jacketing that can meet the highest performance standards. Our thin-wall insulation is suited for Category 5e, 6, 6e, 6A and 8 plenum cables, low-capacitance cables and coaxial cables, while our jacketing performs even in high-temperature PoE applications.


Fiber Optics

Extruded optical-fiber components include blown fiber and furcation tubes, as well as fillers. Like our wire & cable components, they are safer, lighter and more efficient than other alternatives.


High-Temperature Filtration

The yarns, fibers and nonwovens that CCG produces for use in high-temperature filtration media are corrosion resistant, flame retardant and hydrophobic, and can be used in processes where operating temperatures are continuously high.